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Between Heaven and Hell: Prologue
 - They're weird, aren't they? - she asked me when she saw that I was watching them. - I don't get the teenagers.
 - I'm a teenager, if you haven't noticed yet. - I looked in her pretty blue eyes.
 She was way to perfect. A real life Mary Sue. Anybody who sees us doesn't even think we're related.
 I turned my head back to them and I froze on my seat. His head was turned in our direction and he was litrelly staring. Well, I was staring at them a minutes ago too but... It was not like that, okay?
 He was not staring at me, anyway. His dark eyes were focused on Jamille. It wasn't an 'I like you' stare. It was more like 'My eyes are narrowed which means I suspect you for no reason' stare.
 Jamille was putting on extra effort to not look at them or rather him. She picked up her black coffee and started drinking. That meant she was not comfortable because she liked drinking her drinks slowly.
 - Allona, let's go home! - she grabbed her purse and stood up. I had no choice but to follow h
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I feel abandoned on this world
On this big cruel world
Thousands of miles away from you
Trying to live like somebody new
My hopes are high; my dreams are countless
High hopes and countless dreams of you
I am begging for peace and freedom
Things that I dreamed of but never knew
I feel nothing except the love for you
However, there is one more thing left behind
The madness nobody wants to view
The madness that makes me scream at nights for you
I feel abandoned in the nights dark
Nights so dark, they make me shiver
I feel abandoned in my room made of silver
Room made of silver, which will let me out only if I intend to kill you
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Fading Lights, Chapter 5
Chapter 5
       Victoria was watching the world collapse from her window. Her parents were still asleep in the other room. She was amazed that they could sleep on such noise. There were black-eyed humans all around the world. The news was informing about them but her mother and father didn’t seem to care. Victoria saw how one of their neighbors, Mrs. McCarthy, went out on the street screaming. She was running fast. All of a sudden, her foot tripped and she fell right in the fire.
       Victoria felt nothing for the Irish woman. She stepped closer to the window and watched how the evil Mrs. McCarthy was burning. It was not right to laugh at something like this but she couldn’t hold herself. She heard how her door opened slowly but she didn’t turn towards it. Someone – probably her mother – stepped in the room. Victoria continued l
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       I opened my eyes and reached over for Rachel. I grabbed her left hand. It was so cold that I shivered from fear. Her lips were blue and her face – pale. I almost screamed because she looked like she was dead. I tried to get upright. However, I couldn’t move. There was weight on my shoulders that didn’t allow me to move. I tried to say her name but no sound came out of my mouth. I felt how everything inside me twisted when Rachel took a deep breath. Her lashes moved as if she was trying to open her eyes.
       My heart was racing. I knew that if someone was around he could be able to hear it. The blood was pounding in my ears. I tried to move again. I managed to move only a few inches forward. Pain shot through my leg. It was probably broken. I turned my head towards it and saw that it was bent at an odd angle. I continued to crawl when I heard Rachel’s moan. My leg hurt so much that I was hardly holding myself not
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Fading Lights, Chapter 4
Chapter 4
    ‘’Can you believe it…’’ ‘’Yes, yes, I heard so too…’’ ‘’They say she jumped from the roof…’’ ‘’Everyone knew she was mad. Do you remember when she was saying that her husband was the Devil?’’ ‘’Mad woman!’’ ‘’She just left the little girls behind!’’
   The three girls were walking through the crowd. Everyone was watching them with pity. When they reached their house, the white-haired and the black-haired started screaming. The red-haired one continued walking until she reached the dead body. She leaned down and touched the woman’s hair. It was red just like hers. The girl got upright and turned to her sisters. They were crying and sobbing. The red-haired smiled sadly and looked at her sisters. ‘’She is de
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Take The Pain Away
Take the pain away, little girl
Take it away, so I can smile again
Take it away, so I can laugh again
Take it away, so I can feel again.
I know you're out there
I know you're watching me
I know you're crying for me
I know you're screaming for me.
I need you, little girl
I need you to take the pain away
I need you to take the devil away
I need you to take me away.
Take the pain away, my angel
Take it away, so I can hope again
Take it away, so I can sleep again
Take it away, so I can dream again.
He's coming for me night after night
He ruins my hopes night after night
Help me to run away, little girl
Take the pain away, my angel.
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Fading Lights, Chapter 3
         Chapter 3
     I was sitting on one of the benches in Stanley Park, Vancouver. When I arrived here, no one was sitting on the bench and I decided to sit down there. About 10 minutes later, the demon that I was about to kill came and sat next to me. Its vessel was a young girl, around 25-26, she was really beautiful. That was the worst about the demons. Their vessels were always innocent looking humans. That way no one suspected them. But the Chosen Ones were different from the normal humans. The demons had specific smell. It was hard to describe what the smell was like. But it surely was not like a human smell. Every human smelled different, some were like roses, chocolate, sweat and things that you don’t want to know about. The demons were all the same. I and my people can smell someone from like kilometers.
    This one smelled like demon and lavender perfum
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Fading Lights, Chapter 2
Chapter 2
     ‘’Don’t move, damn it! Why didn’t you call me?’’ I asked Violet.
    She was seriously injured. When she came back to the manor she was all covered in blood. And it was not only her blood. She told me that she fought with a few demons. Well, the demons never show mercy. I don’t show mercy either but that doesn’t matter. Her white-blue hair was now red from the blood. She looked like she bathed in blood. It was obvious that the demons were with guns. Violet didn’t like the guns, she fought with her two-handed long sword. It was quite useful but when your enemy is with a gun the sword doesn’t help. She survived thanks to her speed.
   ‘’I thought I can defeat them. But the moron was with a gun. Ouch! It hurts! Can you be a little careful?! Whatever, go on. They outnumbered me.’’
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Fading Lights, Chapter 1
Chapter 1
  The house was still there. It looked old and ugly but it was their old home. The house they died in. The angel had come in and he took them far away. The place they woke up was magical but scary.
  Oh, where are my manners?! My name is Gabrielle Cold by the way. I have got two sisters, well they are not two anymore. Violet is still alive but Danielle wasn’t that lucky. I am here to tell you my story. Well, let’s continue…
  The house was her home. She came here whenever she was sad or she wanted to think about something. Now she was here because she was both sad and confused. Two months later she may be chosen for a leader of the Protectors. They had offered it to her but she never wanted to be a leader. She liked being the loyal soldier.
 ''I knew you’d be here.'' It was Violet. ''You always come here when you want to think. They gave you an amazing offer but you
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Fading Lights, Prologue

16th of March, 1913
''Gabi wake up… wake up sweetheart. He is coming. Wake up my brave fighter.’’
Ah, that nightmare. It’s her voice again and again. It started 2 weeks ago. My mother’s voice is calling me but I do not know for what. I miss her a lot, my sisters as well. But we can’t get her back. Whatever, I should stop thinking of her.
BOOM. The hell was that?! ''Daniel, Violet is that you?'' I call out for my sisters. ''Girls answer me. Now!''
''Gabriel get down here. You have to see this.'' What? What do I have to see?
I light one of my candles and get downstairs. What the hell is that sound?! It’s a male voice. Oh, no. ''Violet did you brought one of your boys in the house again? I told you that you should not do that!'' Why is
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The Black Rose
     I was sitting alone in the park. There were a lot of people around me. They looked happy with their friends. They were all talking, laughing or frowning. Some of them gave me looks like they were saying ''What the hell is this kid doing here''. Well I was not a kid. You're not a kid when you're 16 years old, right? Whatever, I didn'd mind their looks. I actually liked them. I felt less lonely that way. I felt worthy for someone's look. But to be honest I was lonely. My mother died when she was giving birth to me. I knew her only from the pictures. She looked beautiful with her long wavy brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She had an icredible smile. I understood why my father fell in love with her. After I grew enough to understand things I started crying every night because the other children from the kindergarten had mothers but I didn't. My father didn't helped so much as well. He was blaiming me for her death. Know he is dead as well. Jim Armstrong the stron
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Description of my story ''Fading Lights''
      This is a supernatural story. You will read about God and Lucifer, angels and demons, mortality and immortality, death and life...
The fight continued 100 years - angels against demons and God against Lucifer. The demons won. God is dead and all the angels are murdered except one who managed to escape. This angel will create a new history with the help of his so called new friends. But there is something worse rising from the depths of The Earth. Demons are killing humans and are obsessing them. The angel and his immortal people need to hurry if they want ot save The Earth.
The Chosen Ones - They are a big (really big) communitty of immortal people, which God chose to fight if something happens to Him, his angels or to The Heaven.
The Empire of The Chosen - That's the place where The Chosen Ones live. 
Protectors - They are the best warriors amongst The Chosen Ones. The Pro
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Remember when I said that I'd write standalone stories for a while? Well, I started writing a story. I just couldn't hold myself! I'll publish the prologue now. 

See you soon! x


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Hi, I'm Zineti. 14. Bulgaria. Love reading books, writing stories and listening to music.


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